• Protecting the scenic beauty, mountain vistas and desert ambience that are unique to our Town.

  • Prohibiting dynamiting our mountains​, known as "No-Blast Julie."

  • Stopping party houses.

  • Stopping short-term rentals.

  • Restricting traffic.

  • ​Stopping our Town from becoming Scottsdale by supporting one house per acre zoning, no commercial businesses, and no property tax. We want to
    keep the paradise in Paradise Valley!

  • Stopping a hotel from building outdoor balconies 3-stories high overlooking single family one-acre residences.

  • Stopping paving over landscaped medians on McDonald Drive.

  • Enhancing the safety and security of residents through innovative technology, community outreach and support for the Police Department, including prevention of construction thefts and protecting our Houses of Worship.

  • Fostered creation of the Paradise Valley Public Safety Foundation,​ which supports donations for our first responders.

  • Addressing drainage, erosion and infrastructure,  including assessing the impact on neighbors of proposed building projects and town improvements.

  • Continuing Leadership to Improve the Hillside Ordinance and Safety Improvement Process including integrating the Town's Heritage, addressing boulder stabilization, drainage, and respect for our natural environment.

  • Protecting our medians, open space, desert landscape and iconic mountain views.

  • Supporting a buffer between single family residences and resorts.

  • Supporting the success and beauty of our world-class resorts.

  • Supporting responsible development.

  • Operating an efficient, economical and transparent limited government.

  • Avoiding any property tax through sound budgeting and fiscal discipline and controls. Continue to pay down the pension liability to save residents' money.

  • Protecting property rights.

  • Working together to ensure quality of life and enjoy our low-density Town both now and for future generations.

Julie Pace for PV Council

Paradise Valley's future is bright! I will be privileged to continue putting my experience and qualifications to work for you in the Town we love.

Please vote to Re-Elect Julie Pace to the Town Council to Set the Pace for Quality of Life in Paradise Valley!

Sign up to show support at Contacts.  You can volunteer, post signs, be identified as a supporter, or donate.  

The primary election is August 4, 2020 and mail-in ballots will be sent to you and you can drop off your ballot at Town Hall or drop it off or vote in person at one of the 100 designated Maricopa County voting centers.

Thank you!!!

Pace Priorities


Paradise Valley

RE-ELECT Julie Pace - PV Council

I am a proud 18-year Paradise Valley resident and currently serve as your Vice Mayor.  I have served you as a Council member for the past 4 years.  

I am a fourth-generation Arizonan, and my ancestors came to Arizona in covered wagons in the late 1800's.  My family still has a cattle ranch in Navajo County.  I am a life-long Arizona resident and attained a B.S in Business Administration, magna cum laude,  and J.D., cum laude at ASU.  My Arizona roots and connections are strong.

I am a 28-year employment, OSHA, and construction lawyer who is passionate about working with my clients to solve problems and help them succeed in their businesses. Prior to attending law school, I worked as a sales manager in the securities and insurance industry in Scottsdale.

I have a strong passion for preserving the quality of life in our Town. I have been fortunate to work with the Paradise Valley Mountain Preserve Trust (PVMPT) to help reinvigorate and rebrand the Trust, develop a recognition event for residents who have donated over 233 acres, fostered new donations, and facilitated publication of a conservation children’s book called "The Story of Camelback Mountain," all proceeds benefit the Trust.

I have been active in civic affairs and community service in leadership positions for more than 30 years.  Information about my professional and civic experience is described on the Home Page of this website.  My track record demonstrates that I pay it forward voluntarily by devoting efforts to making things better.

I was elected to Town Council in 2016.  I successfully ran at the urging of neighbors and other residents who lived on the mountains or who enjoyed and respected our mountain terrain.  These residents shared concerns about protecting mountain views and ambience, addressing drainage and runoff issues, desiring to preserve the unique quality of life in Paradise Valley and asked me to lead in the efforts to accomplish these goals. 

I led grassroots efforts in our PV community to stop a 64-foot high structure from being built high on Camelback Mountain.  It would have scarred and forever changed the views of Camelback Mountain.  As a community, we succeeded in stopping the project even though initially the Town staff was recommending it.  And, two of our amazing residents, purchased the property to preserve it as open space in its natural environment.

Our Town's general plan is coming up for review, revision and approval by Town residents.  I look forward to working on the general plan and using my experience to integrate our Town heritage and low-density, residential character into the document.  My past experience of serving on a large, complicated municipal general plan that took over a year to adopt will benefit our Town.

I will continue to approach my service on the Town Council with the commitment, energy and passion that I have devoted to other endeavors during my career.  Here are some highlights:

  1. 4 years of service on the PV Town Council
  2. Vice Mayor of Paradise Valley
  3. Chaired the PV Advisory Committee on Public Safety (ACOPS) to support education outreach to residents and support our concierge, professional and committed Police Department
  4. Reinvigorated the Paradise Valley Mountain Preservation Trust to protect the mountains that make PV unique
  5. 28 years as a successful employment, OSHA, and litigation attorney representing companies, the State of Arizona, and local governments
  6. Recognition by Arizona Business Magazine as one of Arizona's 10 most influential lawyers
  7. Judge Pro Tem, Arizona Court of Appeals
  8. Served on the Arizona Constitution Commemoration Committee, appointed by State Legislature
  9. Serving as pro bono legal counsel to the Phoenix Symphony for more than 20 years.
  10. Receiving the Rio Salado Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)  Community Vision Award for contributions to the built environment
  11. Former Chair and Member of the Mesa Downtown Redevelopment Commission, Redevelopment Advisory Board and Downtown Vision Committee for 10+ years, serving under 5 great mayors, handling planning, zoning and board of adjustment responsibilities, nonconforming uses, variances, design, architecture, public infrastructure and working cooperatively with Council regarding funding sources, allocations and policy action items
  12. Served on Mesa's General Plan Update Committee
  13. Named Mesa's Outstanding Young Woman of the Year
  14. Recipient of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Spirit of Unity Award
  15. Served as Cochair, Rio Salado Crossing ($1.8 billion convention center/Cardinals stadium/commercial/residential proposal)
  16. Cofounder, East Valley Economic Forum
  17. Vice President, Economic Development, East Valley Partnership
  18. Vice President, Soroptimist International
  19. Cofounder, Southwest Shakespeare Company
  20. Desert Landscape School Certification, Desert Botanical Garden
  21. Precinct Committeeman, Republican Party
  22. Secretary, Mesa Republican Women's Club
  23. Director, East Valley Republican Forum
  24. ​Cofounder, Senators Arts Awards and Dinner for East Valley Cultural Alliance
  25. Delegate, several Arizona Town Halls
  26. ​Cofounder and Moderator, Three Soroptimist-Rotary Televised Council Candidate Debates
  27. Graduate, Mesa Leadership
  28. Director, Mesa Leadership Steering Committee and Alumni Board
  29. Member, Rotary International Group Study Exchange Team
  30. Interviewed by and quoted in numerous media and professional publications, including:
    • Wall Street Journal;
    • Business Week;
    • The New York Times;
    • CNN;
    • NPR;
    • FOX News;
    • Associated Press;
    • Forbes;
    • American Bar Association Journal;
    • USA Today;
    • HR Magazine;
    • L.A. Times;
    • Arizona Republic;
    • Paradise Valley Independent;
    • East Valley Tribute;
    • Arizona Daily Star;
    • Tucson Citizen;
    • NPR
    • Arizona televisions stations.
  31. In my career, active in many other civic and professional organizations, including:
    • Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
    • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB);
    • Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA);
    • American Subcontractors Association of Arizona (ASA);
    • Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA);
    • Arizona Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA);
    • Home Builders Association of Central Arizona (HBACA);
    • The Phoenix Symphony;
    • Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America.

As a lawyer, I am a problem-solver and in the conflict-resolution business.  I am known for my creative solutions, thinking outside the box, to find mutually satisfactory solutions to the conflicts that divide parties.  I have engaged in trouble-shooting services for private businesses, industries and trade associations, as well as State and local governments to resolve issues.  

I have been privileged to serve on the Paradise Valley Town Council and have enjoyed working with my peers to identify, prevent and solve problems in an efficient and business-like manner. I am accessible to Town residents and strive to seek solutions that are a win-win outcome when possible.  I bring my skills, knowledge and experience to collaborate and work for you to benefit the residents of Paradise Valley.   

PACE stands for Passion, Action, Commitment and Execution.  I welcome your views, comments, suggestions and support.  Please contact me through this website or at paceforpv@gmail.com or 480-985-2613. Thank you for your interest. I respectfully ask for your vote on August 4, 2020.

​​Set the Pace for Quality of Life by: